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Tanzania’s wildlife conservation depends on hunting to a great extent for its long-term survival. Tourist hunting provides revenue to the Wildlife Division for conservation and anti poaching in remote areas that would otherwise be unsupported as most hunting areas are remote and unsuitable for photo-tourism.

Revenue from hunting directly supports the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism. Funds raised from hunting are directly used in the management of wildlife and its habitat. Hunting inadvertently gives value to the wildlife and to the land that they inhabit and this value transforms into habitat preservation and acts as a deterrent against poaching. 


The beginning of secondary classrooms 

Community development is also an important part of our management program. We support village communities that border our hunting concessions by funding projects of their choice, such as the building of schools, the building of medical facilities, provision of solar powered electricity and the drilling of water wells. Hunting clients contribute directly to these causes.

We also work hard on educating the local villagers of the value of wildlife. We embed in them the importance of the preservation of wildlife, which directly results in the continuation of hunting and the guaranteed enrichment of their communities. Local villages bordering our areas are able to see the benefits of hunting and actively participate in the preservation of our  wildlife.

Our Tanzania safari oporators, Old Nyika safaris and Safari Royal Holdings, are committed to supporting the Government of Tanzania in its endeavours to protect the fauna and flora of this country for future generations. Throughout the year we provide and fund anti-poaching patrols, by offering fuel, food rations and manpower for regular anti-poaching exercises.

We are proud to work with and have the support of Conservation Force.

Conservation Force is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organisation and all donations are tax deductible. We are in great need of your support, if you would like to donate to the Custodians Conservation Project please send donations to Conservation Force by clicking  

We were very proud to be a part of this informative short film on the benefits of tourist hunting in Tanzania,
Hunters are the true Custodians of Wilderness.
Poacher 2017
road making
We have 2 tractors that keep are roads open so we have quick and easy access to all parts of our blocks
During the rains progress is usually very slow.
road making
We have 2 tractors the keep are roads open so we have quick and easy access to all parts of our blocks
Ngwala Office
Meeting with the village Chairman
Ngwala building
Site inspection
Ngwala cement
Cement donated to help with the building of an village administration building
Ngwala admistration building
Gua School with roof
Gua School with roof
Gua School with rocks
Ngwala cement and Iron
Gua School iron roofing sheets
donation of buttons to Game scouts
Anti poaching crew
Anti poaching vehicle
Anti poaching vehicle
Anti-poaching vehicles
Rodrick and Charles
Illegal grazing
Cattle are one of wildlife's biggest enemies
Honey hives
Illegal honey gatherers kill thousands of tress when they debark them to make the hive
Donation school books
A donation of a years worth of school books
Helping with building classrooms at a local school
maternity ward
A nurse at the maternity ward we built.
off season anti-poaching
Maintaining our presence is essential during the closed season. Our team's work becomes tough once the rains come.
Maintaining our presence is essential during the closed season. Our team's work becomes tough once the rains come.
Foot patrols
Foot patrols are essential and sometimes the only way to get around.
Poachers supply
A poacher comes in by bike or on foot and will carry enough supplies for a couple of weeks. apprehending this saved countless animals.
Poacher caught
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Gua School Project

A slide show of our progress in building classrooms for one of our local villages

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Ngwala building

Site inspection