Welcome to McCallum Safaris, Tanzania

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In the heart of one of Africa’s last great wildernesses McCallum Safaris with Mike Angelides offer a wildlife experience that Reflects the original spirit of the true African safari. Tanzania, with its large wilderness areas and abundant game, offers a visitor the spirit of adventure, excitement, solitude and companionship. McCallum Safaris has a reputation for excellence, tailoring safaris to meet individual needs and high expectations by hosting them in the most comfortable camps and the best concessions.





McCallum Safaris operates exclusively in Tanzania and outfits discerning travelers in the traditional style that East Africa was always known for. Our hunting camps offer the visitor a luxurious and timeless experience into a true hunting safari, ensuring that

luxury and comfort meet tradition and authenticity. Our photographic safaris are custom built to match your

individual requirements, ranging from modern to traditional; hotel or tented; standard to off the beaten track. We strive to meet your requirements and to create the safari of a lifetime.


Mike and his wife Helen have extensive knowledge and experience in the Tanzania hunting industry. Mike was fully licensed in 1993 and has hunted in Tanzania exclusively ever since he is also very active in the hunting community and is an advocate for ethical hunting and conservation. He currently serves as the Secretary-General for the Tanzania Hunting Operators Association (T.A.H.O.A.), while he also serves as President of the African Professional Hunters Association (A.P.H.A.).

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